this is what I sent my swap partner, Emily. she received her package on Friday. thanks for the sweet commentary on the package, Emily! I’m so glad you liked it. I loved her description of the mini seasonal pocket journals. she calls them, “pint-sized, perfectly practical, pocket journals”. she plans to use them to write special things that happen each spring, summer, fall, or winter. how cute!
I can’t wait to get mine…I’m sure it’s lovely!
{image from Emily. I forgot to take a picture before I boxed it up!}

4 Responses to “received!”

  1. Mike said:

    Just passing thru Alyson, doing a “real quick” look at your entries….know what I notice ???…sounds silly, but your blog is so darn colorful !!…colors everywhere…it’s nice.

  2. I'm Andrea said:

    oh oh oh oh cute!

  3. I'm Andrea said:

    oh oh oh oh cute!

  4. Sarah said:

    Lovely package! What a treat.
    Mike is right – your blog is so colourful and I love that about it.