look what the postman delivered!

I opened up my mailbox after getting home from work today, and this pretty little package sat waiting for me. Emily, my swap partner for the mellow + yellow swap hosted by Marta, sent me some gorgeous things, all in yellow! yellow has really been my color lately. I’ve loved and wanted everything yellow that I’ve seen. in my package was a wonderful set of lip glosses, all boxed up in a cute yellow box, an A for me to hang on the wall, and, my favorite, the most adorable yellow rose earrings! Emily, you did well! I love letters on the wall. I love cutesy earrings. I love wearing a little hint of shine and color. and lately, I’ve really loved yellow! thanks so much to Emily for the wonderful gift, and Marta for hostessing this wonderful swap!

6 Responses to “look what the postman delivered!”

  1. Em said:

    I am so happy you liked it! I got things that I thought you might like, but that I also would have loved to have! Lets be swap partners again! ha ha.

  2. Sarah said:

    So fabulous! I love it that Emily got you things that she would love to have. That’s a perfect swap partner match!

  3. little special said:

    great swap + perfect partners by the looks of things!

    i wish i had those earrings!


  4. alyson. said:

    Emily, I’d love to be your swap partner again!! Marta matched us well.