lots of eye candy

ever since I got into the indie music scene and gig poster art, I’ve been finding more and more super talented people out there who also design concert posters. gig posters is a fabulous site, filled with lots of eye candy and links to many individual artists websites, where you can purchase posters. I’ve promised myself that once I get settled into a bigger house/apartment, that I will begin work on my gig poster collection. until then, I’m free to drool.
*if time permits, later I’ll post some other great gig poster sites where you can purchase posters at great prices.
{all images from gig posters}

3 Responses to “lots of eye candy”

  1. Sarah said:

    Gorgeous! I’ve never seen gig posters that are so pretty like this. Thanks for the link.
    When I lived in London I saved all my gig tickets and have them in a frame. Some are plain but they do have nice big tickets over there.
    Love the Death Cab one.

  2. Sarah said:

    Me again. I just saw your poster on the front page of gig posters. You’re famous! Love this site. Have found some really lovely posters but there are so many! How did you find all the lovely ones you posted about. Or was it a case of just sifting through?

  3. alyson. said:

    sarah, thanks for the comments! and yes, sometimes its just a matter of clicking through till I find something good. I search bands I like, then browse their posters.