since it’s all about love lately…

here are some of my loves:
1. dlb and moose.
2. polka dots.
3. Rogue Wave.
4. Duvel.
5. Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical.
6. chocolate chip cookies.
7. oversized zinc letters.
8. red velvet cake.
9. favorite jeans.
10. sushi.
11. Rainbow flip flops.

3 Responses to “since it’s all about love lately…”

  1. Anonymous said:

    ah yes was this inspired partly by me??

    I think I’m just going to tell people to come over later in the afternoon on sunday maybe around 4-5ish range for a BBQ, hopefully it will be nice out.

  2. alyson. said:

    yep! your little love story was so cute and inspiring, I had to develop on it.

  3. Sarah said:

    Alyson I love this post. It’s too cute. I love the letters, the sushi (it’s sushi Friday, I had it for lunch), the flip flops (jandals in kiwi speak), red velvet cake (I haven’t tried this but it looks delish) and the polka dots. I will have to check Rouge Wave out. I haven’t heard of them.
    Have a fab weekend!