new cards!

I’m very excited to annouce that I will be creating some super cute greeting cards very soon! I created some cards for the holidays, which I sent out to my family and friends. I was very pleased at how they turned out. now I’m ready to create some more! I’ve got a couple ideas in mind of designs, but nothing set in stone yet. I do know that they will most likely be made of 100% recylced materials. so be on the lookout for some new cards, fresh off the press from sunali design.

3 Responses to “new cards!”

  1. Sarah said:

    Ooh I’m looking forward to seeing your new cards. Are you going to sell them somewhere?
    Glad you are doing the mellow & yellow swap. Will be fun!
    Have a lovely Easter break :)

  2. Sherilynn said:

    I am looking forward to your card too! Can’t wait to see the new designs. The holiday cards were precious!!


  3. alyson. said:

    thanks for the kind words!! I should be working on some cards over the weekend. :)