ocean decor

Holly from decor8 posted yesterday about the Marlin wall hanging from PBteen and it got me thinking about my ocean decor. growing up in Florida, we always went on beach vacations and went fishing a lot. we were a fishing/beach family. we had fish hanging on the wall, a big fishing boat, lots and lots of pretty shells, and other miscellaneous decor associated with ocean/coastal living. being at the beach all the time, I developed a love for shells. the shells remind me of afternoons spent running along the shore, dodging waves, and breathing in the salty air. my dad and I would walk along the beach to find shells and decide whether our discoveries were worthy of our collection or not. to us, all the shells were pretty, but for us to stick them into our pockets and display somewhere in our home, they had to be unique.
now, I’m not talking about the tacky “glue shells to things” shabby chic decor. I’m talking about delicately displayed nautillus shells. iredescent abalone shells converted to little jewelry bowls. giant starfish. there is something so peaceful and serene about a gorgeous shell collection, and I love them.
{the image above is from my gorgeous shell collection, given to me by my dad. this shell came from the Philippines, where my dad currently lives}