rock poster links

as promised, here are some links of some great gig poster artists out there doin it.

Eleanor Grosch – aka, rock poster extraordinare and head of push me pull you design.
Strawberry Luna – flowers, kitties, silkscreen goodness.
The Small Stakes – quite possibly my rock poster idol. simplicity at it’s peak.
Hero Design Studio – lots of bright colors.
Cricket Press
Powerhouse Designs – LOTS of stuff.
Patent Pending Industries – simplicity, color, great.
Aesthetic Apparatus
Red Bird – amazing illustration
Large Mammal Print – we’re thinkin about buying the Wolf Parade poster.
The Heads of State – how could I have missed this one before!? great work.
Voodoo Cat Box – very cool illustrations. thanks Les!
the Decoder Ring – lots of cool stuff, lots of Modest Mouse.

{this list will be continually updated, so if your interested, bookmark this post, and come back for more!}

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