senseless acts of beauty

I discovered Liquid Sky Arts ~ Senseless Acts of Beauty this morning while browsing a blog that had been recommended by decor8. I’m simply smitten for the beautiful photography of Kathleen of Liquid Sky. every one of these photographs makes me smile. the title of her blog/project makes me smile even more. senseless acts of beauty. it really got me thinking: what exactly is a senseless act of beauty? mindless beauty, unconcious, silly, foolish beauty. complete lack of forethought. here are a few things that I thought of as being beautiful and senseless. and happy Monday.
peaceful mornings with the windows open, listening to the rain. kitten paws. breezes that give goosebumps. warm wool blankets. contagious laughter. dew on tiny flowers. rolling over in the middle of the night and gently grabbing onto him. an elderly couple sharing lunch and smiles together. rainbows after a bad storm. iridescent seashells.
{images from Liquid Sky Arts}