vintage posters

I love vintage posters, especially vintage travel posters. just looking at them makes me want to sling a bag over my shoulder, filled with the weekend essentials, and take off for paradise.
{images from art.com}

2 Responses to “vintage posters”

  1. Jessica said:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I love how graphic they are and the color blocking.

  2. Em said:

    I got my Swap Gifts!!! I LOVE them all! I hope you enjoy your stuff! Go check out my blog and you can read/see them. Oh, and I love vintage posters. Before I got married I went on a kick and bought a bunch off of ebay. I have them all up except one war propaganda one, where the guy has his shirt off and is loading a cannon. Miles wasn’t too thrilled with that one. I guess i’ll have to wait until we have more than two rooms in our apartment to put that one up. ha.