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I’m all set with a fresh new banner.

and oh yea…..I’m off this wkend to the International Cosmetics, Esthetics, and Spa Convention in Las Vegas to stand at our booth talking to clients about newsletters, brochures, or window artwork. there are lots of vendors there, makeup vendors, body wash vendors, microdermabrasion demonstrations, and massages. sounds glamorous, but it’s not really. it’s my third year at the trade show, and I’m so Vegas burnt out. plus the high tomorrow is 102. I’ll be back in full force on Wednesday. until then…


red bean and green tea ice cream

last night, dlb and I went to Sushi Alive to celebrate our one year anniversary. a good friend recommended it, and it was fabulous. the atmosphere was dim and very modern. the sushi bar was huge with lots of fish. we started off dinner with a bottle of Nigori Sake. then we ordered two rolls, the Volcano and the Snapper Rock & Roll. both rolls were very good, and spicy. we topped dinner off with red bean and green tea ice cream. the two came served in a martini glass, with a sprig of mint and a little bit of whipped cream. when mixed together the taste was so delicious. note: if you haven’t had red bean ice cream, go get some this weekend. it’s amazingly good.
I loved every minute of dinner. and afterwards, we dragged our slightly sake buzzed bodies out to the car, still tasting the last bits of ice cream on our tongues. we’ll be back to Sushi Alive for sure!! thanks again for the recommendation J!
{image from Flickr, we forgot the camera. go figure.}


I love the way…

he winks at me.
he cracks my back every morning, and thinks it’ll make me taller.
he talks like Moose Cat.
he eats anything and everything I cook for him, and loves it.
he pushes me at the gym.
he jokes about not loving me with a big grin on his face.
he gets excited about chocolate stout.
he lets me be silly around him.
he watched the whole season of 24 with me, all while making fun of it, but secretly, he started to like Jack Bauer.
he holds me, kisses me, and loves me.

today marks one year that dlb and I have been together. honestly, it feels like I have known him much more time than one year. I couldn’t feel luckier that I have met someone who really really completes me. he is my best friend. he is by far the most amazing man I have ever met and I would give the world for him. I love you babe! here’s to many more. <3

{image by me, info from wikihow}