back from relaxation.

ahh…back to work from a nice, long holiday weekend. I seriously dislike the feeling of going back to work after a holiday weekend. especially when the days seem to be shorter and shorter. being that it was a three day weekend, instead of playing all weekend long, which I would have loved at the time but regretted this morning, dlb and I actually did some errands, some chores, and some goodwill, alongside fun, sun, and friends.
relaxing on friday.
blueberry pancakes with blackberry maple syrup.
cleaning my trunk.
thrift store deliveries.
gooey pizza and yummy beers.
beachin’ it sunday for what seemed like a never ending adventure.
choppy waters and bruises. {seriously T, I look like I’ve been through battle.}
new spice jars, powder, and mascara.
room & board
dreaming with my spray bottle by my side.