business card inspiration

being a designer, I’m always on the look out for fresh ideas. I’m attracted to clean, simple designs, as much of my work reflects. I stumbled across this business card set on Flickr from the Graphic Design Bar. it seems like a lot of business card designers these days are going for the simple designs, less common shapes, and more unique ideas. though some of these are a little unpractical for fitting in your wallet or business card holder, the design and creativity is at the utmost of cool. check them out here.

3 Responses to “business card inspiration”

  1. marta said:

    love this. thanks for the heads up. i am obsessed with business card too. it’s funny how lightly people take them. glad to see some great inspiration here!

  2. jamieanne said:

    K, if I actually had a job that required business cards, I would totally use that middle row left one with the girl giving the coy look over her shoulder. Maybe I’ll just use something like it as a calling card. Just for fun, of course.

  3. maggienikole said:

    love this too. i can’t decide which i like the best but, since i am a little obsessed with bouchon maybe that one.