four unparticular things

I’ve been tagged. {thanks Andrea!} and for reading this, consider yourself tagged too.
here’s my list of four unparticular things.

four of my favorite jobs
• brand rep at Abercrombie. yea yea, I know, but I worked there for 3 years, loved the clothes and the discount. and I wasn’t one of the ones who only worked 1 shift every month just so I could get the discount.
• sales rep at Banana Repiblic. even better discount than at ANF, and better clothes! I was the men’s merchandising specialist, which meant I got to set up the men’s side clothing walls and tables. I really liked stepping back and looking at a big wall that I had just created. it was almost like art, in a way, seeing a table folded oh-so-perfectly or a mannequin dressed with the best suit and shirt, complete with a windsor knotted tie.
• camp counselor at Fleming Fine Arts Camp. I started as a camper when I was 5, and graduated to counselor position when I turned 13. I loved going back and working every summer. I taught art classes to mini 4 & 5 year olds!
• freelance designer for Daville Clothing. I’ve been with Daville just over 2 years, and it has been so rewarding. there’s really nothing cooler than seeing your work in print, or on someone’s chest. within the next couple weeks, the site will be finished and the newest Spring/Summer line will be revealed. I’m very proud of where the company has come. and since I’m the coolest, Daville is featuring me as the first featured artist on the new site with a little blurb about my and my style. yay!

four of my favorite local places
• taqueria quetzalcoatl. yummy yummy burrito joint with the best quesadillas ever.
Boca Grande. it’s not really local to Tampa, but it’s about an hour and a half south. best fishing. best beach. best ambiance. best childhood memories.
Xtreme Juice. THE best smoothie place ever. 100% all natural fruits and juices, no sugars, fat free frozen yogurt and organic sorbet, and fresh squeezed juices and wheatgrass shots. love love love.
World of Beers. one of the highest rated beer retailers in the country, offering hundreds of different brews in single bottles. the newest location in Westchase is set up like a bar where you can come in, order ANY beer you want, and hang out. they also have something like 30 beers on tap. a beer snob’s heaven.

four of my favorite foods
• sushi. yea, I agree with Andrea, it has become a trendy thing to eat it, but hey…it tastes awesome. right my favorite is the eel roll from Fuji with avocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo, and cucumber, topped with white fish.
• pizza. home cooked. wheat free. veggies galor.
• fruit. since I can’t narrow it down to just one or two fruits that I love, I’ll just put a broad category of fruit. though I’m pretty fond of grapes and pears lately.
• spices. I never knew the endless capabilities of cooking when having the proper spices. I used to just get by with a few staple spices, now I’m using things like turmeric, coriander, anise, fennel, or marjoram.

four of my favorite international places
• St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts had the rain forrests and hammocks. Nevis had the goats, high hills, blue water, rocky beaches, and golf carts.
• Vancouver, Canada. two words – whale watching.
• London. ok, I was 5 when I went, but I loved it. I loved Hamleys. I loved Cats. I loved those funny jump seats in the cabs.
• Cozumel. 2 servings of beachside chicken fajitas and virgin pina coladas served in a carved out coconut, ruins, sandy beaches, stone resorts.