inging it this wkend.

reaching objectives.
discovering something new.
remembering things I hope not to forget.
researching to find answers.
creating for happiness.
using the unused box of crayons.
singing new music that sticks in my head.
hoping for fun, friends, food, family.
buying something new.
dying for rain and wishing the smoke would clear.
needing time to speed up.
dreaming of mountain bikes, new couches, bigger beds, and rocky coastlines.

giving you an au revoir.

2 Responses to “inging it this wkend.”

  1. Sarah said:

    This is such a lovely list. Have fun inging it. Love that you have made up a new word too :)

  2. little special said:

    lovING your list!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend fulfilling your ings!