no diet day

this Sunday, May 6, is International No Diet Day. I read in Women’s Health that it was coming up, and I’m glad I made sure what the date was. the obsession to be thin has overwhelmed our society and lead to unhealthy diet routines and eating habits. International No Diet Day was initiated to celebrate health and beauty in each and every person, what ever size or shape they are. celebrate and kick your diet to the curb this Sunday and enjoy some yummy treats. I know I’m excited. I’m hoping for a big slice of red velvet cake or maybe some ice cream or frozen yogurt, or maybe even a big burrito!
{images from Tastespotting}

5 Responses to “no diet day”

  1. marta said:

    wow. this is excellent news. thanks for the delicious update!

  2. Sarah said:

    Like I needed an excuse! This is great! mmmmm…

  3. little special said:

    this sounds like the best day ever – roll on sunday!

  4. jamieanne said:

    Methinks that every day is no diet day for me. But I’ll be sure to eat an extra Pinkberry and Magnolia cupcake this weekend just to be sure though!