photo family tree

I love this photo family tree from Martha Stewart Crafts. it’s such a great idea. I love the simple leaves and little branch.
what would be even neater, is taking this idea, and showcasing Mom by collecting photos of her to show her beauty. maybe a picture of her when she was pregnant with you, or pictures of her when her hair was long and wavy. whatever you might come up with.
{image from Martha Stewart Crafts}

4 Responses to “photo family tree”

  1. I'm Andrea said:

    that is adorable!

  2. I'm Andrea said:

    that is adorable!

  3. Em said:

    So, I went to Michael’s this weekend and went berserk over the Martha Stewart stuff. Thanks to Marta I wouldn’t have even known. Gotta love Martha!!

  4. alyson. said:

    I’m going to Michaels today after work for some last minute crafting things for Mother’s Day gifts… I’m going to try to restrain myself from going crazy for Martha.