real me – 05.

yippee! today is Friday, and that means List Friday! I’m so excited as I have really, really controlled my urge to jot down a list, like everyday. so for the real me – 05, I’d like to make it a little list of things I would like to “confess” about my week.

• I went to the gym one time this week.
• I haven’t had any dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, or animal protein (other than fish) this entire week. on that note, I had two glasses of wine with dinner on Tuesday. {wine = sugar}
• the real Alyson has a hard time paying attention to instructions.
• I ran out to the supermarket yesterday to grab two more copies of the Weekly Planet containing a bigger version of my poster, because I just can’t stop gushing over it.
• I’ve been super unproductive today. {it’s only 10:30, there’s still hope.}
• I’m beginning to get a little nervous, way down in the pit of my stomach, about everything that goes along with moving. {but I can’t wait.}
• I’ve just consecutively listened to all three Norah Jones cds, and sang along to each one. yes, at work. and yes, out loud. at least I have my own office. :)
Sarah, my apple is still on my desk.
• we were supposed to wash the rest of the laundry on Monday. it’s Friday, and the pile is bigger.
• I fell asleep last night while waiting for dlb to come home, laying down with my laptop on my stomach.
• I’m a gladder than glad that today is Friday.

ha, and lastly, a little addition to my confessions: note to self and anyone else for the matter: don’t try to replace the giant water bottle for the water cooler unless you know you have a very firm grip on it. otherwise, you’ll wind up with wet pants, wet hair, and a wet shirt, like myself.

One Response to “real me – 05.”

  1. Sarah said:

    Love you list/confessions! I have to confess that my apple is no longer on my desk. I brought in home in the weekend hoping to eat it. I really should!
    You’re moving?
    Oh but the water cooler just about had me wetting myself with laughter! As I was reading it, it was all playing out in my head. Don’t worry, you still looked cool.