travel swap

the Free People Travel Swap is officially underway! swap information was emailed this morning and ideas are rolling through my crafty mind. the Travel Swap is intended to create something beautiful for your partner that is inspired by travel. I’ve already got a pretty good idea of what I’d like to create, though these images are very inspiring. read about it here.
{images from flickr and etsy}

2 Responses to “travel swap”

  1. marta said:

    thanks again for letting me know about this swap. i’ve met my swappin’ girlie too and am excited to be thinking about sunshine & sunscreen. am excited to hear how yours goes!!

  2. Evelyn Lum said:

    Hi Alyson, it’s me, Evelyn! I’m your Free People New Travel Swap partner!!
    I visited your blog and now I think I’ve got a better understanding on what I have to do. Do you have any preferance? Please let me know. Can’t wait to get started.