Monthly Archives: June 2007


colorful photos and…

sometimes all it takes is a little splash of color to brighten my day. in my case, today it’ll take the clock striking 5 o’clock, lots of colorful pictures {no more spa photos}, and to be in the arms of my best friend. maybe a nice dinner too.
happy Friday everyone!
{images from my flickr favs}


to do

call Dad’s friend for Portland tips.
find antique shipper.
price Desert Rose.
work on new posters.
bake something with white chocolate chips.
paint toenails pink.
attend a wedding celebration in honor of the Yetters.
Samurai Blue with good friends.
drink good beer.
buy new feather toy for Moose.
R. E. L. A. X.


screen print moleskin

inspired by a set of 60’s science encyclopedias, fisk and fern has taken images of organisms and cells to create cool designs and screen printed them moleskin notebooks. I love the idea of screen printing on moleskins. I just recently made my first moleskin purchase, and it’s a boring set of kraft paper pocket notebooks. now I’m inspired to design and print on to them!
{images from fisk and fern}


my inspiration journal

lately, I’ve been posting things that inspire me. if you’ve ever kept a journal or sketch book, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that I’m in love with magazine clippings. I “dog ear” every page with something on it that I like, so I can easily come back to it later, cut it out, and tape it into my journal. some times it’s a photo, other times it’s a pattern or text, some times it’s my sketching, other times it’s a quote or a drawing, but mostly, it’s simply beautiful things that I’m inspired by that fill my books. I love flipping back through these books over time to see what inspired me then. I’ve got about 5 notebooks, almost all full, with stuff.
see the rest of my photos here.