free people travel craft swap!

my swap package arrived in the mail yesterday from Evelyn, my partner for the Free People Travel Craft Swap. I didn’t have a chance to look at it until this afternoon, when I was blow away by the contents of my package. Evelyn sent me the most incredible, handmade box, covered with stamps! the time it must have taken her to add those lovely stamps to the box amazes me. she also added in a great Texas cookbook, which I was able to find a great recipe for fried green tomatoes in, a matching journal, also covered with stamps, and a lovely hand sewn tote bag, made with the softest American themed fabric! the time and care that Evelyn put into my package was so thoughtful. I really lucked out at having a wonderful partner!
now onto myself…. I feel awful after receiving Evelyn’s package, as I still have yet to send mine out. this has been a hectic month. I’ve kind of been waiting on finalizing some things this week before sending Evelyn her package. I’ve got some really special things that I want to send her, and I promise Evelyn, they will be worth the wait. you should receive your late late late package next week. :)

4 Responses to “free people travel craft swap!”

  1. Borda said:

    Speaking of late packages, do I have a shirt on the way?

  2. marta said:

    oh my goodness. this is amazing. what a beautiful box! and don’t feel alone, i haven’t sent my package either!! summer is flying by. looking at this, i am inspired.

  3. I'm Andrea said:

    that is so incredible! i looove that box and journal. wow.

  4. I'm Andrea said:

    that is so incredible! i looove that box and journal. wow.