my house is my home.

Holly, from decor8, just finished up the Amy Butler mood board contest and posted the winners. she added a little bonus question at the bottom of the post as a give away for 5 more patterns. the questions was, “what makes a house a home”. and here’s what I think.
personal touches.
art you’ve created.
photographs you’ve taken.
antiques that have been in your family for years.
quirky things your mother gave you for housewarming gifts.
the smell of fresh baked brownies.
the sound of laughter.
things that remind you of your childhood.
warm blankets.
big open windows.
and of course, the love inside of it.

happy friday everyone.

One Response to “my house is my home.”

  1. Catherine said:

    Oh I think that is such a wonderful way of describing a home, and so true.