myth & ritual

Ali posted about the lovely clothes from Myth & Ritual yesterday, and I’m in love! I too am anticipating Fall weather while drowning in the Summer heat. especially with gorgeous Fall dresses like these. yay for Fall clothes!
{images from Myth & Ritual}

5 Responses to “myth & ritual”

  1. Julie at BV said:

    Gourgeous dresses so feminine and sweet.

  2. Borda said:

    Honey, I hate to break it to you, but these dresses won’t be suited for Fall in Portland. In fact, you would probably be cold in them at night there. I guess that’s good news since you like cooler weather.

  3. alyson. said:

    ha, well Borda, I’m at least looking forward to experiencing Fall. and getting out of this drenching heat in Florida!

  4. Jessica said:

    These dresses look so comfortable and the perfect spring wardrobe. Thanks so much for introducing me to this label. I love the white one a lot.

  5. Rebecca said:

    I love this line! can anybody tell me where it can be purchased?