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moving day.

today I’m moving. we’re packing up our cars and heading out on our adventure. this time next week, we’ll be almost to our new home in Portland, Oregon. there were lots of things that I had wanted to post about before my move, but time got away from me. I wanted to say how much I’m going to miss Florida, and how much I’m looking forward to my adventure ahead of me. this is the beginning of a new chapter of my life.
this is how I look at it:
I spent 25 years in Florida. a quarter of a century. I grew up. I learned a lot. I experienced everything I could. I have memories. laughter and happiness consumed me. I ate the best food. {I’ll miss you Xtreme Juice, I’ll miss you even more Mellow Mushroom} I’ve worn flip flops everyday, and I’m going to miss them SO much when I’m dodging rain storms in Portland. I’ve made the best friends, whom I’ll miss terribly. I met dlb.
but mostly, I’ve grown to know myself, I’ve learned who I am. sometimes, I believe that I’ll always be a Florida girl at heart. but words can’t even describe how much I’m looking forward to starting a new life in Portland.
I’ll be back next week and a few time in between with thoughts and photos, but….
goodbye for now! I’ll miss you Florida!


shop til you drop

a week or so ago, I won Sarah’s magazine give-away, which was wonderful partly because I’ve been drooling over her posts about the magazine, partly because I love browsing magazines that we can’t get in the US, and partly because I never won anything fun like that before! sadly though, I have yet to have the time to sink down in a chair and really read through it! I was able to flip through briefly, and I LOVE that most everything in the magazine is fall clothing. this is one of my favorite snippets. Sarah also included a fabulous road trip mix for my upcoming move across the country. I definitely think “my sharona” and “since you’ve been gone” will help get me those extra miles! thanks Sarah for the great package!
{image from shop til you drop}



it’s in certain moments. moments that leave me speechless. moments where, if I had a choice, I would capture them in a special box, where I could keep them forever. moments where I could kick myself in the butt for leaving my camera at home.
yesterday afternoon, we had a really bad rainstorm. it shook the building, lit up the sky, and flooded the streets. the wind was howling and it was simply dreadful to be outside. dlb and I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner and we had nothing in the house, so we settled on our old faithful and headed out into the storm.
as the rain began to clear up, the streets turned into glossy mirrors and the sky was a dark, indigo blue. I turned around in the car to get a full 360 view of the storm, and to my surprise, there was the most beautiful double rainbow. I felt like a little girl when I squealed at the sight of it. then at further gaze, I realized that not only was it a double rainbow, but that it traveled the entire span of the sky. I have never, ever, seen an entire rainbow. {at this point, I kicked myself in the butt for forgetting my brand new camera at home, instead of keeping it in my purse as I’m supposed to}
it’s moments like that, where all time stops, all bad thoughts and fears drown away, and for one moment I was totally weightless. but note to self taken: don’t leave camera at home next time.
{image from kitty sonnenschein. the quote under the photo, which I adore, reads, “The rainbow began to appear, and sometimes two rainbows, like a mother and her daughter, the one young and beautiful, and the other an old and faint shadow.” – Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart}


a kid again.

oh what a week this has been! and man, how quickly it has flown by. camp has been nothing but wonderful this week. I can’t even remember the last time that I went to work with a smile on my face. things that made me happy this week:
starting a new job that makes me smile all the time.
being part of the admin.
mi cuerpo.
walkie walkie, talkie talkie.
pens, crayons, colored pencils.
camp stories.
old photos.
singing songs with the whole camp crew.
painting my camp shirt with fish.
acting like a kid again.
thankfully happy that today is friday.

I wish everyone well, and a happy weekend, and I miss you and my blog dearly!! I will hopefully return next week with more blogs.
{this picture is from “all sing” at camp}


half moon

I love LOVE this new bag from Urban Outfitters. always being a fan of huge purses that can carry way much more than I need, I immediately fell in love with this purse when I saw it. I have a really great purse from Urban, which I love, though, it just doesn’t have enough pockets. this one looks like it has plenty pocket space, with two on either side, and one on the front! I’m feeling a little shopping may occur!
{image from urban}