half moon

I love LOVE this new bag from Urban Outfitters. always being a fan of huge purses that can carry way much more than I need, I immediately fell in love with this purse when I saw it. I have a really great purse from Urban, which I love, though, it just doesn’t have enough pockets. this one looks like it has plenty pocket space, with two on either side, and one on the front! I’m feeling a little shopping may occur!
{image from urban}

4 Responses to “half moon”

  1. Catherine said:

    Love that bag! That’s the sort of thing I am looking for, oh well I am sure I will find my bag one day soon! Hope you are enjoying camp!

  2. marta said:

    me too, me too! i’ve been looking for a trendy adorable big bad bag. this looks like it could be it. and i love the pockets too! (a girl’s got to be organized!) thanks for an exceptional find. i can always count on you for sweet goods.

  3. michelle said:

    So cool, what a great find!

  4. MissK said:

    Perfect size for carrying everything which i tend to do.