moving day.

today I’m moving. we’re packing up our cars and heading out on our adventure. this time next week, we’ll be almost to our new home in Portland, Oregon. there were lots of things that I had wanted to post about before my move, but time got away from me. I wanted to say how much I’m going to miss Florida, and how much I’m looking forward to my adventure ahead of me. this is the beginning of a new chapter of my life.
this is how I look at it:
I spent 25 years in Florida. a quarter of a century. I grew up. I learned a lot. I experienced everything I could. I have memories. laughter and happiness consumed me. I ate the best food. {I’ll miss you Xtreme Juice, I’ll miss you even more Mellow Mushroom} I’ve worn flip flops everyday, and I’m going to miss them SO much when I’m dodging rain storms in Portland. I’ve made the best friends, whom I’ll miss terribly. I met dlb.
but mostly, I’ve grown to know myself, I’ve learned who I am. sometimes, I believe that I’ll always be a Florida girl at heart. but words can’t even describe how much I’m looking forward to starting a new life in Portland.
I’ll be back next week and a few time in between with thoughts and photos, but….
goodbye for now! I’ll miss you Florida!

16 Responses to “moving day.”

  1. ali said:

    Good luck with the move, Alyson! I’m so jealous of your across-country drive. And I can’t wait to see the new finds Portland brings to your blog!

  2. Amy said:

    You will always have home, don’t worry.

    I will always be a Puerto Rico girl at heart (i feel ya on the flip flops part), but my little feet are restless and they need to touch far away grounds. But Home, my beaches, my mountain range, my family and friends will always be there whenever I need my little tropical haven.

    Please, I hope you snap lots of pictures. May we know which way you are going? Are you taking I40 at all (I think its a bit out of your way, aint it)?

  3. Catherine said:

    That is a little sad, I could not imagine leaving my home town it would be such a mix of sadness and excitment. I wish you the best of luck Alyson. Enjoy the trip and I hope you arrive safe and sound.

  4. Heather said:

    I wish you the best! It must be thrilling to embark on such an adventure! Plus – seasons! An actual winter, spring, summer, and fall!

  5. Robin said:

    Wow- good luck! I know how hard it can be to leave a place that’s become a part of you. This will be such a great adventure!

  6. I'm Andrea said:

    Hooray for change! I’m excited for your new adventure and I am glad that you will have dlb by your side. Good luck and keep us posted!

  7. I'm Andrea said:

    Hooray for change! I’m excited for your new adventure and I am glad that you will have dlb by your side. Good luck and keep us posted!

  8. Jessica said:

    I hope you have a lovely trip across the country. Enjoy driving across from Florida to Portland it is a long one.

  9. Chelsea said:

    Welcome to Portland!

  10. jo said:

    my best wishes on your new adventure!

  11. michelle said:

    good luck still sending you happy great lucky vibes! Making a move like that is so hard and so fun! Portland is great, let me know if you want to meet some people, I know some of the most wonderful folks up there.

  12. Borda said:

    I miss you already! I decided to post on twenty-more (since we are 3000 miles apart once again) so check it out.

  13. Sarah said:

    Are you there yet? Do you love it? How was the trip? Ok I will stop asking questions but just so you know I am looking forward to your blogging return…

  14. jamieanne said:

    I lalaloved driving across the country. Hopefully you’ll catch some great snapshots and have some stories to tell along the way. Best of luck!

  15. Julie said:

    Best of luck, Alyson! I will definitely miss you! I can’t wait to read your blogs and hear about your road trip! Sorry I missed your going away dinner :( I hope we will stay in touch on gmail! Take care!