photos and things.

a couple days ago, Ali posted about things that inspired me: Christina’s World, her desire to drive through Idaho, and her developing inspiration to become a photographer. after reading it, looking through photos of rolling hills and haystacks, I too began to ache with anticipation for my drive through Idaho this month. dlb is from Idaho and has the most amazing photos that he has taken there. this photo in particular, is quite possibly my favorite photo ever and I can’t wait to have one just like this that I’ve taken myself. I’d love to run through these flowers, picturing everything that makes me happy. and thinking how much my life is changing. all the while smiling.

to be quite honest, I’m think I’m more excited about driving across country than I should be. it’s a long drive. probably going to be super boring at times. we’re driving in separate cars, Moose gets to ride with him, and we’re going to be loaded down with stuff. hopefully we’ll have walkie talkies. but… I really am pretty thrilled about it. not only is it going to be an treat that I’ve never experienced before, it’ll be something I’ll never forget.

{image by dlb}

5 Responses to “photos and things.”

  1. Chelsea said:

    I am jealous of your road trip. Summer is the perfect time for this.

  2. I'm Andrea said:

    That picture is gorgeous. Wow. I love Idaho and I’m excited to see all your road trip pictures!

  3. I'm Andrea said:

    That picture is gorgeous. Wow. I love Idaho and I’m excited to see all your road trip pictures!

  4. Robin said:

    You have every reason to be excited about driving across country! Road trips are the best – the scenery is unmatchable and you’ll never forget it. For about a day I had a road trip planned from SLC to Richmond VA but no one wanted to go :(.

  5. Amy said:

    oh my such beauty! I too want to run acros that field. Hope we don’t bump each other lol

    I had planned to actually drive all the way from Georgia to Vegas last month and I think I was more excited about that road trip than the actual relocating to Vegas. I am from Puerto Rico and have never seen that midwest side of the country. I was stoked. But then my car died right before leaving , so I had to mail all my belongings and fly out here. Oh well. There will be another time.

    Snap lots of pics for us!