shop til you drop

a week or so ago, I won Sarah’s magazine give-away, which was wonderful partly because I’ve been drooling over her posts about the magazine, partly because I love browsing magazines that we can’t get in the US, and partly because I never won anything fun like that before! sadly though, I have yet to have the time to sink down in a chair and really read through it! I was able to flip through briefly, and I LOVE that most everything in the magazine is fall clothing. this is one of my favorite snippets. Sarah also included a fabulous road trip mix for my upcoming move across the country. I definitely think “my sharona” and “since you’ve been gone” will help get me those extra miles! thanks Sarah for the great package!
{image from shop til you drop}

5 Responses to “shop til you drop”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Love that outfit.

  2. ali said:

    Sarah is the best! Cute clothes, too.

  3. Julie at BV said:

    Congratulations. Love that outfit too.

  4. Sarah said:

    Alyson I am so glad you liked it! At least it will there waiting to be read when you get settled into your new home. Best wishes for the drive. The 2 songs you picked are some favourite kareoke tunes!
    And you know, if I took a photo of the magazine like you, it would not turn out anywhere near as good. How do you do it?

  5. annechovie said:

    Hi Alyson!

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