Monthly Archives: August 2007


finish-ing up this week.

being on my own.
interviewing sucks.
discovering cosmos.
finding a great tea place.
meeting new a friend, and blog reader!
eating. browsing. shopping. beer drinking.
getting my first rock poster gig in portland.
cooking. cleaning. waiting… dlb comes home today.

listing for you, because list friday is back!



loving this image.
thinking about what they may be toasting to.
wishing I had clothes just like theirs.
yearning for hardwood floors and big bright windows.
loving the sun shining outside my window.
waiting for my shopping guide to pick me up.
hoping for a job soon.
missing everyone back in FL.
{image from sally scott, via frolic!}



I’ve always been a Grey’s Anatomy fan. watched seasons 1 and 2 religiously, as in, I would actually get sad when the last few scenes were occurring, knowing that I’d have to wait an entire week for a new episode. so, when I missed the first three episodes of season 3, it just began to snowball from there.

and I missed the entire season.

so. in my total boredom, and lack of creative inspiration this afternoon, I decided to click on and start watching the free episodes available online. and wow. did I miss a lot.

just when I thought I could really live another year without watching more than one tv show, I had to re-establish my love for those twisted surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy.