cosmetic cabinet organization

I’m constantly irritated with the clutter inside the medicine cabinet. the new issue of domino has an article about medicine cabinet maintenance, and boy did I love it. one of the biggest things that it mentions is to think vertically. I love this, as most of the time, the things like fingernail clippers, tweezers, razors, and tubes of stuff, get in the way, and cause mass chaos. my favorite are little drawers like these to add organization to hair ties. also check out the gallery of images here.
{image from domino}

2 Responses to “cosmetic cabinet organization”

  1. marta said:

    ooh, good post. i agree. i’ve come up with putting little dish ramekins inside to keep chapstick, tweezers, etc. all in one place. it’s handy and looks neat and tidy.

  2. Jessica said:

    mmm…the medicine cabinet is definitely a neglected, disorganized little mess in our apartment. thanks for the eye candy and inspiration!