I’m here!

siiiggh…. after hours and hours of driving, and night after night of being homeless, {sleeping in a hotel for 5 nights}, dlb and I have finally found a place to call home in Portland. now the fun starts.
bed shopping.
couch browsing.
combining colors.
trails with my new hiking shoes.
snazzing up my kitchen. {yep, my kitchen.}
eating at fabulous restaurants. {and boy have we found some great ones… thanks for the tip on Hawthorne, Chelsea! we’ve eaten at some fabulous places there!}

and mostly, getting to know the city. I’m in love with the cool morning air, the sunny afternoons, the quadruple rainbows from outside our balcony, and the trails, trees, hills, and berries. and especially my long awaited trip to the coast this weekend, for relaxation!

we are officially without internet until the 21, as I’m sitting in a coffee shop just so I could check my email and blog. so hopefully I’ll be back after then. I miss blogging!!!

until then…

3 Responses to “I’m here!”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Glad you like Hawthorne:)! You are not freezing? This has been the strangest summer. Last summer was all sunshine and heat and this summer I am convincing myself to move down South:) Glad you have arrived safely!

  2. michelle said:

    Yeahhh! Congrats!