irish martinis and silly voices

yesterday afternoon, I was driving through the crowded streets of Portland, scoping out a few shops I wanted to check out this weekend. in the middle of the rush hour traffic, happy hour drinkers, and after work shoppers, I noticed two girls sitting outside a little cafe, enjoying a martini together, and what looked like a great conversation. their smiles brought a bit of sadness to my face as I pictured my girlfriends back in Florida. such dear friends of mine, yet so far away. I miss the martini nights. I miss talking in silly voices. I miss marathon concert nights. I miss laughing at the silly things our boyfriends and cats do.

I guess it really hadn’t hit me yet.

4 Responses to “irish martinis and silly voices”

  1. Catherine said:

    Oh Alyson that sounds like a very sad thought, but I suppose the lovely part is that you will make a whole new set of friends in your new town and have even more people to have martini’s with and silly conversations. I guess it takes time, and missing your friends must be difficult.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Anonymous said:

    That is like that scene in SATC, when Carrie is wandering the streets of Paris and sees a group of girls laughing in the cafe…stop blogging and find a job where you can meet new girlfriends! :)

  3. Amy said:

    Ohhh I know how you feel. Been here in Vegas for three months and have not made any friends yet. I cry almost every day thinking of my friends back in Savannah and Puerto Rico. But you live in such a wonderful city, you’ll meet fantastic people (here in vegas… well, people are a little different. Some of them find it weird that I wear my own handmade jewelry, *sigh* ohw ell)

  4. Jessica said:

    Alyson, the more I read your blog, the more I feel like we are kindred spirits: Both lost in big, new cities, very far away from home. It is so bittersweet. I so wish we had ended up in the SAME city! If ever you venture down to S.F…

    Anyway, I know you will meet wonderful new people and your adventure in Oregon will be unforgetable. Have a wonderful day!