the letter a

my name: alyson.
four words: alomahora. anxious. azalea. attitude.
state/city: alaska/astoria.
boy name: austin.
girl name: audrey.
occupation: artist.
something found in a kitchen: anise.
something you shout: alas!
something you look for in a guy/girl: agreement.
something that is in your room: a mess.
place to shop at: anthropologie.
name a band/artist: andrew bird.

update: thanks to tiff for the idea. all those bulletins crack me up. and….feel free to start a list of your own! it’s fun, a little challenging, well, maybe just for me cause I was drawing a total blank on A words. have fun!

3 Responses to “the letter a”

  1. Catherine said:

    That’s such a great idea! I like this post very much Alyson.

  2. Robin said:

    Looks like a game of Scattergories…

  3. Sarah said:

    This is so cute! What if you inspired me to do the same? Would you mind?