loving the randomness.

I was tagged by Anne, of Annechovie, weeks ago, to participate in the 8 random things tag, to list 8 facts or habits about myself, and then to tag more people to join in.
so here are my 8 random things:
08: before last week, I had never been on a hike before. before last week, I had never picked berries in the wild. and before last week, I had never breathed in mountain air and closed my eyes to hear nothing but silence and wilderness.
07: I just bought, the best vegetarian cookbook ever. at least I can’t keep my hands off of it and my mouth from watering just by looking at it. so far I’ve dog-eared a bunch of recipes I’m dying to cook, and even baked my own pizza and crust from scratch.
06: right now I’m wearing ripped up cropped jeans, a gray shirt with navy blue doves and flowers on it, and brown flip flops. and I’m patiently waiting for the oven to heat up so I can broil my sesame ginger salmon.
05: I’ve seen more of the country in these past three weeks that I ever have in my whole life.
04: blogging is therapeutic. sometimes I just enjoy typing. there is something about the sound of the keys clicking that I love so dearly.
03: apparently, blogging is also “unproductive”, as dlb is ringing in my ears. I am currently jobless, and should be job hunting. anyone in need of a graphic designer in Portland?
02: my favorite fruits are pears, peaches, grapes, and blueberries. my favorite veggies are green onions, spinach, mushrooms, and avocados.
01: I simply can not live without chapstick. in fact, I have three sticks of chapstick in my purse right now. I simply can’t stand when my lips are dry, therefore, my chapstick addiction.

now. for all of you wanting to participate, please do. if you read this, you’ve officially been tagged.

3 Responses to “loving the randomness.”

  1. Jessica said:

    congrats on all of your new experiences and your new life in portland! i feel like i can totally relate…just a few months ago i was new and jobless in san fran! thoughts on job hunting: be patient, persistant, and enjoy the extra time to get your adorable new home set up perfectly! :)

  2. Evelyn Lum said:

    Take this time off to enjoy yourself. Set up your new home the way you want. Try out favourite recipes. Jobs will come knocking on the door!

  3. Chelsea said:

    I am the exact same way about chapstick but I constantly lose them so I have to buy a few at a time.