so, here’s to spending my first weekend by myself in the city:

walking, yes walking, to the super market. {this florida girl is loving the weather in oregon}
riding the street car for the first time.
discovering the motherload of malls, and finding out that ruehl is coming in winter!
step one to organizing the cosmetic cabinet: I bought some bowls and cups.
planning the schedule for Bumbershoot.
receiving the kindest email from a blog reader and Portlander.
trial runs of cookie baking.
two movies: the holiday – cute. running with scissors – interesting.
working on a new portfolio site.
and missing dlb. {he’s at home in Idaho till Friday, working hard.}

{photo from lomokitty. I still have yet to get that hay bail picture I’ve been dreaming about. someday…}

2 Responses to “monday.”

  1. Bridget said:

    Beautiful posters. I live in the Portland area. Love the weather here too. I’ve survived living in New Jersey and Massachusetts so I know humidity too.

  2. ali said:

    Ditto on the hay bail thing! Hopefully you got to at least enjoy seeing some on your cross-country adventure.