orla for fall

being a huge fan of the playful stem prints by Orla Kiely over the years, I’ve often dreamt of owning a purse, wallet, or mug, but never bought anything simply due to my modest income. unfortunately now, dreaming has now become a lust for this particular bag. it’s the cutest, most practical Orla bag that I have seen. it’s big. it’s black and gray, which will most likely go with everything I own. and it’s just oh-so-darn-cute. I’ve decided that once I have a job, buy the necessary winter clothing for Portland, save money for that couch we still need, and I still have money left over, then I may just have to make my first Orla Kiely purchase.
check out the rest of her fall collection here.
{image from oliebollen}

3 Responses to “orla for fall”

  1. Sarah said:

    Love Orla. I bought my sister an Orla bag of this shape (in the sample sale. Oh how I miss those!). The bag is great and really useful. You won’t go wrong with this purcahse :)

  2. Jessica said:

    Orla Kiely has an awesome selection of stock patterns and new ones that they are constantly developing. I must go check the site again, thanks for reminding me.

  3. Catherine said:

    I love love love the stem design it’s so simple but very swoon worthy. I love it in the darker colours, it changes the look quite a bit. You will have a bag like that forever and always look and it and know you did the right thing by buying it. Go for it!