things I learned…

on my trip across country:
I hate traffic in Atlanta.
audiobooks are lifesavers, especially when it includes Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
driving through mountains can be a little scary.
conquering a backflip on the trampoline is so satisfying.
omaha is a lot cooler than I thought, with candy shops, antiques, and modern furnishings.
I could never live in Greeley, CO. too many cows.
Wyoming. the never ending state.
suspension bridges aren’t that scary.
picking huckleberries: purple fingers reward you with amazing pancakes.
cliff diving. scary, but exciting.
walkie talkies are essential.
just when you think you have more money than you’ll need, it turns out to be just enough.
finding a hotel with a comfortable bed can make all the difference.
take lots of pictures.
but mostly, I began to learn a little more about myself. I stress too much. I let little things upset me. I worry. and it’s not always necessary. so…I’m working on that.

to view my pictures, click here. I’m off tomorrow for a week on the Oregon Coast. a much deserved vacation after the semi-vacay filled with longs days of driving.

4 Responses to “things I learned…”

  1. Robin said:

    Your trip sounds amazing! Glad you made it, and have fun on your Oregon vacation!

  2. Catherine said:

    Sounds like you have been so busy and seen so much!
    Such a fantastic opportunity.
    I love that photograph!

  3. Borda said:

    Nice pictures. I noticed you finally got the new trunk put on your car. Nice!

  4. marta said:

    hooray, you’re back! sounds like your road trip was an unforgettable adventure. i loved seeing your photos too. what sweet + beautiful thimbleberries.. have a wonderful time on your real vacation.