archives. feelings. fall.

while looking through my previous blog archive, the blog I had before blogger, I came across this post. it’s back when I really wrote what was on my mind. and I like it.

“I wish, I WISH, I could be somewhere that the leaves turn all colors of orange, red, and yellow. I’ve never lived anywhere that I got to really experience it, but fall has always been my favorite season. I love walking outside on a fall morning and breathing in the cool, fresh air. I love the feeling of the air getting cooler. it actually makes me want to go to the gym tomorrow morning….since I punked out this morning. or maybe even a brisk run on bayshore.

fall gives us a chance to renew. we play all summer, then fall comes around and we shed old ghosts and emotions. during the winter, we hibernate and work on all the things that we intend to change come the new year. as the leaves begin to grow, spring brings a fresh outlook on life with the sight of baby green leaves and new flowers.

not that I want to sound completely gay, but I think about things like this. especially when I can’t get myself out of bed in the morning. so…maybe I’ll see what I can do, especially with anticipation of the cold air. it wakes me up.”

One Response to “archives. feelings. fall.”

  1. Jessica said:

    Beautiful thoughts! I am missing the color changes back in the Midwest. It’s not the same here in S.F.! Congrats on your job offer. It makes me happy to see things working out for yoU!