I’m tired. my feet hurt. and I’ve been shoe shopping. I need a new pair of shoes. maybe a couple pairs of shoes, black, for work. I got a part-time job, to keep me busy, though it involves lots of standing on my feet and walking around on hardwood floors. so, I’ll need some new shoes, comfortable, nothing too fancy, nothing too high heeled.
Piperlime, a fresh shoe shop for Gap Inc., is exactly that: fresh. I always thought Zappos was the best online shoe source, but Piperlime may have out done them. with hot styles and brands, Piperlime is an excellent source, whether you’re looking for a hot pair of boots to go with that new demin knee length skirt, a sweet pair of ballet flats for those sweater knit dresses, or a new pair of peep toe pumps for nights out on the town.
I like these flats.
{images from piperlime}

2 Responses to “piperlime”

  1. ali said:

    I like “those flats” too. I think anyone’s foot could only look cute in the Keepsake, with their impish, slightly-rounded toe. I tried them on once in New York but they don’t make them in my size. :(

    Happy shopping! And hardwood floors? On your feet? Sounds like retail, and if so, cheers to your fun discount!

  2. Jessica said:

    These flats are beautiful.