right this second

I’m excited:
about my trip tomorrow to Cape Disappointment and the North Head Lighthouse.

my eyes:
are prettied up with sun.
are so sleepy, I could close them and drift off into dream land.

I’m hoping:
the paranormal don’t tug at my hair.
this afternoon flies by like apple pies.

I’m wearing:
a band aid on my left thumb.
tweed, merino, and flats.
garnet emerald cut earrings.

I taste:
raspberry brownie from The Pearl Bakery.

I’m a little sad:
because my Dad leaves on Monday.

update: and I’m even more excited with my recent purchase for tickets to Rogue Wave. yay!

One Response to “right this second”

  1. marta said:

    i adore this post. and would love to see your tweed and emerald and taste that lovely brownie. give your dad a big hug too.

    enjoy the weekend.