Monthly Archives: October 2007


a spook-tacular poem

a dim glow shines from jolly jack-o-lanterns,
while witches, goblins, and ghosts dance together.
the moon is full and very bright,
here’s a little story about my halloween night.

I’ll bake up some cookies, pumpkin and raisin
hopefully spooky things don’t start to happen.
we’ll probably drink a halloween brew
made of pumpkin and cinnamon and probably cloves too.

under blankets we sit, all warm and toasty
watching spooky movies, hopefully not too scary.
because eerie, horrifying, movies at night
give me dreams which cause such a fright.

we’ll likely be joined by an unlucky black cat
sometimes we call him more appropriately, a rat.
we’ll remember last year when we dressed with delight
as the devil, his angel, and the grim reaper, we partied all night.

it’s halloween and it’s meant to be fun
when a ghost scares you don’t turn and run.
so play some tricks, give out delicious treats
and have a lovely, safe, and exciting halloween.


ann wood birds

I’ve always loved these little birds by Ann Wood. they are so simple and sweet. Ann has announced that she will have all of these cuties, from this picture, for sale tomorrow, October 30 at 2pm EST, in her etsy shop. if you’ve got your eyes on one of these little guys, jump on etsy quick tomorrow, as they always sell out super fast.
{image from ann wood}


right this second…

I’m loving:
the warm shades of bright red and yellow leaves.

I’m craving:
a piece of this, warmed up of course. {via unique eggbeater}
a nice cup of hot oolong.
snuggling underneath a warm, woolen blanket.

I’m wanting:
boots, to keep my feet warm.
warm legwear.
a warm sweater.

this would warm my cheeks:
winter warmer

I’m satisfied:
with my yummy salad recreation.

I’m hoping:
to stay super warm this wkend. have a fabulous one!

{this pic is for you, Ali. I took it, and it reminded me of yours with the polas.}