dreaming of iced cupcakes and pizza pies.

lately I’ve been baking, at least 3 times a week. my grandmother fears that I’m going to get fat with all the baked goods I’ve been making. at least when I get home, dlb has usually eaten everything, but he graciously leaves me one or two cookie. boys and sweets. :)
so, I’m dreaming about all of these lovely kitchen supplies from Sur La Table. not that I need everything, like that bright yellow lasagna dish or those chicken in a basket salt and pepper shakers, but they’re just so darn cute.
thanks for linking to this, Jess! I see Sur La Table on my walk home from work, but haven’t been inside… yet.
{images from sur la table}

2 Responses to “dreaming of iced cupcakes and pizza pies.”

  1. Jess said:

    that is cute. now I want to go to sur la table!

  2. Catherine said:

    love the black mixer, so smart!