in my purse…

I’ve always enjoyed these images. I’ve seen a few of the big bloggers out there, who have posted their belonging on flickr or other sites, and really enjoyed viewing their stuff. actually, I took this picture in August with full intentions of blogging about it, then I forgot. {I have a new cell phone now, and now I’m more of a mint person, rather than gum.} as big as my purse is, I know it surprises few that I don’t carry crazy things in there. I usually have an umbrella, at least mostly these days, and usually my camera. I guess I was going for a light load this day.

so I I thought I’d make this a tag. ask you ladies to post about your belongings, show your stuff, show your creative clutter keepers, which I need help with majorly. and consider yourself tagged.

update: I couldn’t remember where I’d seen this before when I posted this yesterday. but you can check out these lovely ladies purses, here at figments.

8 Responses to “in my purse…”

  1. Sarah said:

    So funny Alyson because this was on my list to do also! Hopefully I will get it done before I go away for a week. Nice one. Cheers

  2. rachelle said:

    i absolutely love your wallet.
    i must know where you got it, please.
    thank you.

  3. Catherine said:

    Such a great idea! Might have to have a go myself! Your wallet is such a lovely yellow.

  4. Robin said:

    I noticed your pencils aren’t sharpened…? I was also going to say I LOVE your wallet! I will have to do this one myself, but for sure the contents of my purse are not going to be as stylish as yours.

  5. Heather said:

    I love this! Cute idea – I’ll be following suit soon!

  6. alyson. said:

    rachelle – thanks! my wallet is from Anthropologie, and I got it maybe 4 or 5 years ago? wow, the yellow has really stayed bright! the brand is Nest.
    robin – ha, yea my pencils aren’t sharpened. my little cousin gave them to me when we went through Omaha this summer, and sadly, I have not sharpened them. one day…

  7. ali said:

    So funny! I’m with Sarah, I was about to do this just last night. (We are totally on the same wavelength, girl.)

    So fun to see. I’ll be doing it soon … as soon as I’m not under the weather anymore.

    p.s. I like Orbit, too.