thanks to Marta and Ali, two of my favorite daily blog reads, I’ve been inspired to create my own “list of 100 things about myself”. I like things like this. I like going back to read these months down the road to see what I was feeling. thinking. so here it is. my list of 100 things about me:

01. I love baking. I don’t do it very often.
02. I’ve been dreaming about baking chai cheesecake.
03. I’m a big planner. I’m working on being a do-er.
04. I’m a bit of a magazine freak.
05. I love being in love with my best friend.
06. silly things scare me. bugs. heights. flying.
07. I drive a tan Honda Civic. the trunk is silver.
08. my skin is more pale than it ever has been.
09. I’m in love with the NW.
10. I’m not a movie-goer. I prefer DVD, snugly blankets, and dim lights.
11. I regret that I haven’t stayed in touch with more people.
12. I love filling up journals with magazine clippings.
13. I wish I was a better photographer.
14. I’m fascinated with the universe. stars. gravity.
15. I love discovering new music.
16. I dance when I’m home alone and bored.
17. I’m way ticklish.
18. I always wanted to be a shoe designer.
19. I have a weird thing about the consistency of certain foods.
20. I’ve never seen Top Gun all the way through from beginning to end.
21. I get stressed way to easily.
22. I used to wear baggy pants and dye my hair with streaks of green.
23. that was also when I listened to punk and ska music.
24. when I was a little girl, I refused to wear anything but dresses. I even slept in them.
25. I used to think my voice sounded like a boy’s, so I talked with a high pitch.
26. I don’t own any khaki pants. 27. I don’t own any boots. 28. until last week, I didn’t own a fleece.
29. I love shells and sharks teeth.
30. I love my kitchen. it’s colorful and cheery.
31. I’m a pescatarian.
32. I eat shredded mozzarella cheese from the bag.
33. my dream house has plank style hardwood floors.
34. I am a total organized-perfectionist when it comes to most things.
35. just recently I started to enjoy cleaning.
36. I used to dislike the sound of my name. 37. I used to dislike the spelling of my name.
38. I change my mind a lot.
39. I spend more time browsing the internet than I should.
40. my attention span is minimal.
41. my hair style is low maintenance.
42. I’d like a bit of fame and fortune.
43. I’m gullible.
44. I love wrapping presents.
45. I like tiny, white, twinkling lights at Christmas.
46. I’m a fan of Jack Bauer.
47. I’d like a Prius.
48. my new favorite color is yellow.
49. my shoe size is 10.
50. I used to slam my competition at hoola-hoop contests.
51. I can’t stand my belly button being touched.
52. I love being crafty.
53. I fainted when I got my ears pierced.
54. I like birthdays. cakes. icing. candles. presents.
55. I like getting attention.
56. I try to be more green.
57. our feet are always touching when we sleep.
58. my favorite salad dressing is Caesar.
59. I hope to grow a garden.
60. I like pumpkin spice cookies.
61. I like irish martinis.
62. I drink a lot of beer. micro-brewed beer. sweet stout, please.
63. my handwriting can be illegible. but I like it.
64. I love hand massages.
65. I drink 64 oz of water everyday. 66. I have a tiny bladder.
67. illustration makes me happy.
68. I have the weirdest cat, ever. 69. moose reminds me of a squirrel.
70. I once caught a 42″ snook.
71. piano music makes my heart ache.
72. I love lavender. 73. wildflowers make my eyes sparkle.
74. I dream of a living room with black, yellow, and gray.
75. sometimes I wish I didn’t look young.
76. I always wish I had more clothes.
77. sometimes I get so tired, my eyes burn.
78. I only like using black pens. medium point. nothing too inky.
79. I love, love, love white chocolate with raspberries.
80. I like to taste new things. I’ve got my limitations though.
81. I’m obsessed with covered buttons. 82. I could spend hours in a craft store.
83. I have a weakness for sweets. 84. I absolutely despise going to the dentist.
85. both my cell phone and my ipod are red.
86. certain words brighten my day: smitten is one of them.
87. I love his beard. 88. I love his chin.
89. I like the color of my eyes.
90. my favorite artist is Zero 7.
91. I know the 50 Nifty United States in alphabetical order.
92. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth.
93. I love reminiscing with family and friends.
94. I sweat the small stuff too often. 95. I cry easily. {whether happy or sad}
96. I love emergin-c.
97. I can’t wait to have my own office in my home, and to decorate it.
98. I can’t stand clutter.
99. I have bad habits I need to break.

100. I love blogging my heart out.

{image of me, by dlb, from the roadside suspension bridge somewhere in Idaho. a little thing I was scared of. I didn’t want to get caught for trespassing.}

5 Responses to “inspired.”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Love your list! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    “wildflowers make my eyes sparkle”

    That is the most beautiful thing ever said about wildflowers.

    An writing my own 100 list!

  3. curtis said:

    Love the list. Love the photo. Love that you took the plunge + learning more about you.

    Very fun to read. You are too cute, even with the green streaks. :)

  4. Borda said:

    Is it sad that the only thing on this list I didn’t know was the definition of Pescatarian? Well, maybe it’s only sad because you’re so far away now.

  5. jamieanne said:

    Favorites: #7, #14, #22, #50, #64, #65, #86.
    Love this!