oh. my. goodness….

radiohead have recorded their new album.
they’ve called it in rainbows.
it comes out on 10.10.

oh my.

{update: and yes, the new album is free. unless you want to purchase the box set, which is probably got a heat sensitive cd, like NIN did with their latest release, or something else making it worth the buy, the new album is available for download from their website for free next week. sign up for a pre-sale and get a code sent to your inbox when the album is ready for release. check out this article about the new album, courtesy of Ali, here}

3 Responses to “oh. my. goodness….”

  1. Catherine said:

    I am unbelievably excited about this! I can’t wait till next week to hear it, I want it now! And it’s crazy that you don’t have to pay anything much. I think I will get the box set though! So so exciting!

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    How bloody awesome. Thanks for this, I didn’t even know they were releasing soon. Gosh I’m so out of the loop.