I love skeleton keys. one day dlb was cleaning out his car, and he found a super cool skeleton key in the back, in between the cushions and things. since he’d just bought the car, less than a year ago, we knew it wasn’t ours. though it intrigued me. and I want to find more, and display them, as a big skeleton key family.
I’ve always been intrigued. by skeleton keys, and antique doors with key holes, and unopened letters, and things like that.
{keys print by kate nydam and a skeleton key set}
{ps, I did like that movie with Kate Hudson, sort of. it left me feeling silly for letting it scare me}

3 Responses to “skeletons”

  1. Borda said:

    This reminds me of that little locked box you used to have

  2. alyson. said:

    I still have it.

    along with all the trinkets inside.

  3. Robin said:

    Ooh, so cool. The doors in my apartment have really interesting key holes in them, too.