a spook-tacular poem

a dim glow shines from jolly jack-o-lanterns,
while witches, goblins, and ghosts dance together.
the moon is full and very bright,
here’s a little story about my halloween night.

I’ll bake up some cookies, pumpkin and raisin
hopefully spooky things don’t start to happen.
we’ll probably drink a halloween brew
made of pumpkin and cinnamon and probably cloves too.

under blankets we sit, all warm and toasty
watching spooky movies, hopefully not too scary.
because eerie, horrifying, movies at night
give me dreams which cause such a fright.

we’ll likely be joined by an unlucky black cat
sometimes we call him more appropriately, a rat.
we’ll remember last year when we dressed with delight
as the devil, his angel, and the grim reaper, we partied all night.

it’s halloween and it’s meant to be fun
when a ghost scares you don’t turn and run.
so play some tricks, give out delicious treats
and have a lovely, safe, and exciting halloween.

3 Responses to “a spook-tacular poem”

  1. marta said:

    how cute are you!? i loved this poem, rich with october images. i hope you enjoy the spooks + scares of halloween.

  2. Robin said:

    Very cute poem! Sounds like a perfectly festive and cozy night!

  3. ali said:

    I’m trying to be original here, but the only word that is coming to mind is “cute.” As in, how cute are you? And how cute is this poem?

    Hope you had a fun night.