and speaking of…

dear mom,

if you’re reading, I’ve been meaning to ask you:
please send me all of my animal ornaments to adorn my first real tree this year. I know that in the boxes and boxes filled with ornaments from over the years, that you’ll likely have a hard time parting with the kitties, elephants, and fish we’ve collected, but it’d be super cool to have some ornaments rather than a boring tree.

your loving daughter,

ps. oh yea… and don’t worry about sending that orange and blue gator. you know papa would love it if he could glitter on my tree, but he can stay in the boxes.

{all these and more to drool over from anthropologie}

6 Responses to “and speaking of…”

  1. Steele said:

    Christmas talk already? you’re killin me :)

  2. Sarah said:

    You’re cute!
    Man, I can’t wait for Christmas!!!

  3. Jessica said:

    they definitely have some of the best ornaments. I wish I celebrated christmas sometimes!!!

  4. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    How cute! I love the elephant! I just bought little ceramic piggys to put on my tree.

  5. jamieanne said:

    What? Haha. You don’t want a University mascot gracing your tree? Come on…

  6. alyson. said:

    ha, not when it’s the rival university mascot for the school my whole family went to but me!

    {me – FSU. them – UF. big rivals}