chocolate at ruehl.

I love, love, love these chocolate leather handbags from Ruehl. if you’ve ever gone into Ruehl, you have probably seen the bags at the front end of the store, in glass cases or displayed on the shelves. I’ve gone in many times, and dreamt about owning one or two. for those of you who haven’t yet been into Ruehl, or don’t want to experience the loud electronic music and dimly lit atmosphere, they have now opened an online store, where they are selling a limited, but lovely, selection of handbags and the perfume or cologne.
{images from ruehl}

2 Responses to “chocolate at ruehl.”

  1. Jessica said:

    these are all definitely worth drooling over!!!

  2. Rachel said:

    These bags are incredible, thanks for sharing! I am going to have to add them to my wishlist.