crew mutts

Courtney posted about Crew Mutts today and I simply could not resist posting about them too. I can not get over how freaking cute this little guy is. leave it to J. Crew to find the cutest, most lovable puppies to photograph while debuting Crew Mutts.
now. if only I had a cute little puppy who slept in this doggie bed, that kept warm in these adorable sweaters.
{images from j. crew, via in{side} the loop}

3 Responses to “crew mutts”

  1. In(side) the Loop said:

    Well, I have the cute little “puppy,” but mine weighs in at a whopping 130 pounds. Trust me when I say there is nothing “cute” associated with dog gear of an animal that large. I always see these adorable dog beds that I would love to have at the foot of our bed. Her’s resembles a twin size mattress. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

  2. lola said:

    omg, the cutest puppy ever!!