feeling a little black today

today I’m in a black shift dress, black merino cardigan, black opaque tights, and you guessed it, black flats. quite the outfit for dreariness. quite the outfit for those “I just don’t feel like dressing up today” days. I admit, have a lot of black in my wardrobe, but I’ve been trying to add color into it lately. my attempt at brightening up the black today is with a gray and white scarf. {yea, not so much}
I have to be honest. no matter how much I try to “liven” up my wardrobe with some pops of color here and there, I always end up falling back to black. I love black sweaters. I love black t-shirts. I love my black shoes more than the brown ones. there’s just something it does to my dark brown hair, fair skin, and big brown eyes that says “please, Alyson. buy more black.”
{and these are some things I want from UO}


8 Responses to “feeling a little black today”

  1. In(side) the Loop said:

    Alyson – I have those earrings in the ivory (mine are from Forever 21) and I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped for my $2.99 earrings!

  2. alyson. said:

    I have some yellow ones that I was gifted in the mellow yellow swap that Marta hosted in the Spring. I love them. and I also have a black ring. but I’m diggin those black earrings.

  3. Chelsea said:

    I am in the same boat- lots of black in my closet and I am recently ok with it.Visually, it seems to take the pounds off and this I like.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    I might’ve mentioned this before here or elsewhere, but black does the complete opposite to me. It inhibits me, it makes me afraid, I feel too mysterious, I do not feel like I am in my skin. It’s too intense, and that’s not the type of person who I am.

    Very weird, but I have the biggest phobia for all things black. I have a pair of black flats and a nice button-down black shirt from GAP but those are for interviews and the such.

    Weird huh.

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    btw I just noticed your beautiful blog banner. Did you illustrate that? It’s sooo beautiful!

  6. Amy Nieto said:

    D’uh, I forgot you’re an illustrator. I need to head to bed, sleepy eyes do no good to my memory. :P

  7. Catherine said:

    I love those earings too, they look so smart! I am a bit of a black devotee as well, it is just so easy in the morning to put on all black and know it looks simple and smart.

  8. sunny said:

    I too love to wear black. LOVE it. because it’s one of my colors.

    (remember way back when people got their Colors Done? one glance at my blonde hair and I was deemed a Summer – to wear pale pastels…which actually washed me out. Got the colors done again and found out that if you cover my hair, I look best in WINTER colors..which includes black, white, gray and jewel tones…the exact colors I’m drawn to.)

    Others have told me as well.that black just lights up my face.

    So if black does something for you – go for it! I like the sound of your outfit!! perfect, really.